As the name suggests; spare air. Because in an emergency, it is not about your last breath, but about the next breath you don't have!

And then there is Spare-Air! You assume that you will never need it, but in case of an emergency it can save your life. Compare this with skydiving. A skydiver will never jump out of a plane without a spare parachute, despite careful preparation and training. An unexpected situation can always arise that forces him to use his spare equipment. A Spare-Air is not something you take with you with the intention of using it, but in the event that things go wrong and standard solutions do not work out, it is your last resort.

Spare-Air was first developed for diving. There, it has proven its worth countless times and saved many lives. In the meantime, the Spare-Air has been used more widely as an escape device in, for example, the industry and during rescue operations. Various authorities have made it compulsory for helicopter pilots and power boat races to wear a Spare-Air. And there are countless other circumstances in which it can be useful to have those extra breaths at hand. 

The Spare-Air can also be of added value during snorkelling or for carrying out minor repairs to the boat just underwater. For such recreational use, knowledge of diving is highly recommended.   

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Spare-Air: "Don't go down without it".

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On Land - Sea - and in the Air

The Standard Spare-Air 3.0 was originally developed for diving. It has a capacity of 3 cubic feet. Multiplied by a filling pressure of 206 bar, this gives a total of 100 litres of breathing air. It comes in a package with a filling handle, to fill the Spare-Air from a scuba tank, a storage holster and a safety lanyard against losses. 
This same Spare-Air is supplied in a different package under the name HEED , as a helicopter escape device. And as Escape as a safety device for industry and business. 

For circumstances where the device is just a bit too big, a smaller 1.7 cubic foot is available. Recently, the larger 6.0 version has been introduced in cases where more air is needed. For diving, a Nitrox version is available. 

All 3.0 and 1.7 Spare-Air models are CE-marked as escape devices.

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Product overview

Spare air

The original Spare-Air for diving comes in a few variants. See the options here. And read more about the specifications. 

Heed 3

This Spare-Air series has been specially developed for use by helicopter pilots to escape in the event of an emergency load in water.

Spare-Air industrial

For business, industry and even for the home. Always a lifesaver close at hand. To be used in all circumstances.

Spare air escape

Escape from rooms where smoke is the obvious choice in an emergency, such as a fire. Suitable for industry, business and home.

xtreme sports

 Wild water canoeing, rafting or powerboat racing. Then there is a chance that you will get stuck underwater for a while. This Spare-Air can save your life. 


Combination of a snorkelling set and a diving set. Intended for underwater activities just below the water surface, such as boat maintenance.


Need extra accessories? Or did you lose an essential part of your Spare-Air kit, chances are you will find the right article here again. 


After a while, your Spare-Air might need some maintenance. Here you will find a complete overview of all spare parts.


Read the true stories of experienced and novice divers who owe their lives to Spare-Air. None of these testimonials are made up. In their case, there is no shame, only gratitude!

Do you also have an experience with Spare-Air that should not be missed among the
other testimonials, and would like to share this with us, please send us an email with your story.


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Spare Air

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