Spare Air Xtreme Sport 6 package

Spare Air Xtreme Sport 6 package

Spare Air Xtreme Sport 6.0 package

The Spare Air Xtreme 6 is a complete minimalist diving and snorkelling system. Just grab it and you're ready for your next water adventure. The kit includes the New Snorkelator - a patented technology that allows you to switch from snorkel to regulator mode with the flip of a switch and only one nozzle! Don't waste your precious air by kicking it to the curb, stay in 'Snorkel' mode until you're ready to dive, then switch to 'Dive' mode and go underwater for your underwater adventure. No longer restricted to surface and fast underwater swims, snorkellers can make occasional deep dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would need.


Easy to use - just switch on, insert the mouthpiece and breathe!
Easy to wear - comes fully assembled, just put on the harness and adjust in seconds
Now available!
Stand-alone mini-scuba system. - Spend up to 20 minutes on a shallow dive adventure to clean your boat or inspect your pool
Quickly refill your Spare Air Xtreme 6 from a full scuba tank or at a dive shop
Weighs just under 5 lbs. it is the lightest system on the market.

Spare Air Xtreme 6 kit comes fully assembled with EVERYTHING you need to jump into the water - no need to buy all the individual components and put them together yourself. Our Xtreme kit includes:

- 6 cu ft / 1L cylinder, cylinder is DOT marked for the US and Canada markets (cylinder is not marked for the EU or Australian markets)
Regulators for the first and second phase.
- Custom hip harness (with pockets for optional soft weights, one size fits most, no inflation)
- Dial Pressure Indicator
- Regulator chain
- Adapter for refilling scuba tanks and adapter for refilling air compressors

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